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June 15,2022 NEW PRODUCTS

TLVR Inductors for Server V-Core

Seeking one more step further to the extreme.

Linkcom (TPE, 6821), which has been deeply involved in magnetic components for more than 30 years, recently launched a new TLVR inductor for the server market. Starter product LVR1206 series efficient better than competitor 1%.

Trans-inductor Voltage Regulator (TLVR) inductor is a dual-winding inductor for CPU, GPU, DPU, memory, FPGA and ASIC for server, data center and storage systems. These inductors have a TLVR topology that enables faster transient response, provides a relatively more stable voltage when the CPU dynamic load changes rapidly, and reduces the use of capacitors for better overall cost benefits. The new LVR1206 series of Linkcom (TPE, 6821) relies on more efficient magnetic core materials, which reduces the hysteresis loss and brings about higher efficiency. According to the measured comparison data, both high and low loads are more than 1% higher than those of the same industry. , the half-load efficiency is increased by about 0.5%.

The LVR1206 series introduces DFM (Design For Manufactory)  , so the whole series of products are easier to automate and manufacture, ensuring quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The LVR1206 series inductors offer an inductance range of 70nH to 200nH, giving designers greater design freedom. The LVR1206 series has been verified by a number of development boards. Welcome to contact the business window to obtain test samples. The standard product delivery time is 8~12 weeks, and customized requirements can be accepted.

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