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June 15,2022 NEW PRODUCTS

BLE Wall switch (6 buttons type)

We want to upgrade the electric lights and ceiling fans at home to smart devices, but don't want to spend money to replace the art lights with LEDs, or can't find a suitable DC ceiling fan, we have heard the expectations of designers and owners. LinkCom (TPE,6821) launched the new INCORE smart touch panel (WS101), which can directly and painlessly upgrade any traditional switch, whether it is an art lamp or a ceiling fan, or a large-area office or factory, you can use ws101 to directly upgrade the traditional circuit into a smart device.

LinkCom (TPE,6821), which has been occupying a place in the commercial lighting market for a long time, recently launched a new INCORE smart touch panel (WS101), which locks the AC power supply units that have been laid in large quantities and provides the best upgrade solution. Due to regulations requiring companies to change their current corporate social responsibility (CSR) report to "Sustainability Report or ESG Report" from next year, expand the scope of third-party verification of sustainability reports and improve non-financial information. disclosure quality.
However, the amortization period for the equipment invested by many companies has not yet come, and coupled with the impact of the epidemic in the past two years, there is simply no extra funds to invest in the update of equipment. In the face of new regulatory requirements, LinkCom (TPE,6821)INCORE Smart Touch Panel (WS101) allows you to upgrade traditional installations with minimal investment.
The INCORE smart touch panel (WS101) can operate a load within 300W in a single loop without installing an additional gateway, and the (WS103) can reach 1300W in three loops, which can control about 30 panel lights. Combined with the INCORE APP, you can easily turn off the phone or switch it on time with one key, and the original double-cut function can also be perfectly replicated with traditional switches. In the face of household needs that attach importance to aesthetics, this series also provides customized panel services, which can be integrated into customized requirements such as desktops or armrests, including brightness, color temperature and group control, etc., lowering the threshold for use, and is widely used by distribution partners. And customer praise.

The new INCORE smart touch panel (WS101) has passed NCC certification, and the installation is similar to the traditional wall switch. Welcome to contact the business window to obtain test samples. The standard product delivery time is 8~12 weeks, and customization can be accepted. requirements.

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