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The leader of magnetic components, intelligent module solutions - LinkCom Manufacturing

LinkCom was established in 1988 and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of various magnetic components. Our advantages are providing customers with highly reliable, diversified and specially designed in telecom transformers, power transformers, inductor, planar transformers and intelligent control module solutions to the customers. LinkCom is one of the few leading manufacturers of magnetic components that can supply both telecom and power products. We have served more than 30 end customer groups around the world, with sales areas spanning Taiwan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, etc. LinkCom is determined to become a leader in global telecom transformers, power transformers, and intelligent control module solutions.

LinkCom insists to keep the innovative application spirits of R&D technology, use the advantages of R&D and production of various magnetic components for many years. In 2020, we got IATF 16949 certification successfully, and is actively deploying in the field of automotive magnetic components. The series of products of INCORE brand are also used in the fields of intelligent lighting control, human centric lighting and smart home, extending product innovation to smart control modules, integrating power supply solutions with soft, firmware and hardware. Increase the application of multi-dimensional products for the company's new department and expect good development prospects in the future.


Factory relocation to Dong-Guan East Technology Industrial Area in 2008

In July 2008, LinkCom integrated all three manufacturing facilities and relocated the factory to Dong Guan East Technology Industrial Area. The size of the new factory complex covered approximately more than 30 acres. With automated systems and ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) control, this new 30 acres complex provides reliable products to customers in China and around the world.


R&D / Sales / Strategy / Customer Service/ to Marketing Worldwide

LinkCom represents of interpersonal connection and products-to-people communication. Combined with the concept of global marketing, U.S branch office was built and located in southern CA Irvine city in 1997, later we moved the office to Los Angeles to serve the needs of telecom magnetics, power supply modules' market and the new product developments. In the year 2000, relocated headquarter to New Taipei City.
In 2004, the R&D department was firmed; in the same year, the design verification center was developed for the verification of product quality and reliability control. In 2012, LinkCom Dongguan Factory was certified as a High-Tech Enterprise and received Pollution Discharge Permit from Guangdong Province to avoid suspension; in the same year, product quality and reliability procedure was implemented in LinkCom Quality Control system. In 2018, LinkCom established a new products development team, which is responsible for intelligent control modules and intelligent power modules. LinkCom has integrated firmware, software and hardware to provide value-added products. Undergo 10 years of tempering; the products sold word wide with the brand of INCORE.



LinkCom aspires to be the leading provider of telecom and switching power transformers and intelligent control module solutions in the world.



Quickly respond to customers' needs in design, production, sales, and provide reliability, diversified and magnetic components such as Telecommunication Transformers , Switching Power Transformers, PoE Transformers and High Power Inductors 、Planar Transformers and Intelligent Control Module Solutions and Software services.

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