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Creative Art Application for Landscape of LinkCom

LinkCom selects the BLE (Bluetooth network Energy) Mesh as the lighting solution which it’s closer and smoother to the users’ experience than others for today’s blue ocean of lighting system. We are one of a few suppliers which apply outdoor landscape lighting systems with BLE Mesh solution. We not only replace the lighting control with a wireless solution, but also offer many solutions for designers in outdoor lighting.
LinkCom has added new technology to satisfy consumers or business places. It is called dynamic lighting technology and static lighting scene performance technology. The core value of the former is to present the light naturally and transplant elements of nature to the lighting such as candlelight is combined with fire and wind which the light sways with the wind in the silent night. The latter can use several lighting fixtures to present different colors, color temperature and brightness which can apply in the opening campaigns such as festivals, party or family reunion or create different atmospheres.
LinkCom not only redefines lighting, but also carries out many practical technologies from people's needs. We will try out best to provide IoT products and towards the goal of innovation and diversified high-tech company in the near future.