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LinkCom is releasing TRIAC plus 0-10v dimmable LED Power Supply.


LinkCom ManufacturingCo., Ltd. has developed a seriesof dimmable LED driver, thevariety chooses of 5~13W serieswith TRIAC function since we engaged in the LED powersupply developments.It is available to combine with the TRIAC dimmer, also compatible with a 0~10V dimmer on the secondary side to achieve the dimming function, which allows a user to choose dimming functions more flexible.
With the single-stage circuit design, the TRIAC 5-10 Watts power supply could achieve the needs of high PF rates without TRIAC function. When using TRIAC dimmers in areas with 120VAC, it providing a flicker-free dimming function regardless of whether the TRIAC is working with leading edge or the trailing edge modes.
Compatibility is the most crucial factor with TRIAC dimmer. Therefore, for the compatibility test of the dimmers on the market, there is no abnormality in the dimming process, and stable output current can be provided even at a shallow conduction angle.
The TRIAC 5-13W series of LED driver quipped on the secondary side is suitable for areas are using 120VAC, 240VAC, or 277VAC such as North America. The output mode is constant current (C.C.), and the maximum working efficiency can reach up to 84%. The whole series is potted and achieved with IP67 certification. It
has the ability of moisture and dust resistance and has good circulation to reduce the heat. It can work under the temperature of -30~+50°C with air cooling.
The TRI 5~13W Series LEDs are certified for UL 8750 Class P and passed the EMI test of FCC Part 15B. It also has short circuit protection (SCP). The product is made with the metal casing, which can apply to indoor or outdoor LED dimming lighting or decorative light source and other related surroundings.